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Episode 004 Reflections

Unknown Speaker 0:11

The Christmas episode of Make a move. Kirk, are you ready for Christmas?

Unknown Speaker 1:09

I can't believe at the end of 2021 already. Where did the year go?

Unknown Speaker 1:13

I know, man. It's been crazy. It is Christmas week. We hope everybody is full of joy and hot cocoa. Nothing. It's

Unknown Speaker 1:24

time for me to start my Christmas shopping. Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 1:27

should probably start. Amazon delivers on Christmas. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:31

All right. I got a chance. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:35

yeah, this is gonna be a special episode. Because you know, as make a move, you know, we, this week has been a good week to illustrate one of the concepts that we want to like, really highlight. And that's, you know, we make moves and we push forward and things don't always go our way, right? We fail, we fall short. And we are on this roller coaster of life. And sometimes we hit these lows, maybe not lows, just failures and or just things don't work out. For example, this episode, we had two to three like potential this person's going to be the next one. And you know, obviously with the Christmas season, the holiday season, things are busy. And everybody's schedule, we just whether it was ours or theirs, we couldn't get it in. And so it's like, I'm thinking Kirk, it's like, this is last week, I'm thinking, dude, we don't have anything. For Wednesday, we drop on Wednesday. We haven't interviewed anybody, what are we gonna do? And you could panic, you could be defeated and be like, Oh, or upset. But we one thing we preaches is embrace the discomfort, right? Yeah, uncomfortable and be comfortable being uncomfortable. Right? And, and sometimes if you just pause, take a breath, everything's fine. I, as far as I know, I'm the only one who said this, specifically these words. So I claim this quote, until somebody can show me that I didn't say it first. But today's problems is tomorrow's opportunities. And there's variations of it. But that exact phrase is mine.

Unknown Speaker 3:31

And it's kind of what entrepreneurs live, I think, yeah, we're always seeing the opportunity in crisis. And for those who spent a lot of time in Asia, you know, there was always the adage of, you know, the characters being the same for opportunity and crisis, you know, yeah, it's very true.

Unknown Speaker 3:46

Exactly. And so I was thinking, and I was like, you know, we don't necessarily have to interview anybody this week. And, you know, if we're all we do is interview, an interview an interview. What good is that? If we never like pause, and then about the past episode, yeah. And take time to reflect. So I thought, hey, Kirk, you know, what we could do is maybe we just do a short condensed, like reflection and like, talk about, like, things that we've covered. And so then it's not just like an interview all the time that we actually have some things we can take away and maybe learn and pass on to people for like tangible things to us. Yep. And lessons. Yeah. Out of problem comes. Birth ID opportunities and good ideas. Yeah. So very true. So that's, that's the first lesson kid. Ah ha ha. When things don't go your way, don't be pissy pants. Think about how can I use this? Where's the lesson in it? And so that's that. The other thing? One of the things that I've taken away from the last three episodes, three, right, yeah, there's episode zeroes. Multiple but something that Kirk has said throughout several, if not all of them is you don't have to quit your job, you can live your dreams. And just to expand on that, that doesn't mean that you have to keep a full time job and then jump right into a new full time job

Unknown Speaker 5:18

on top of your existing full time job. Now you can do what you refer to as micro

Unknown Speaker 5:23

micro movements, you've got micro failures, and you've got micro movements. So if you wanted to open a business of any sorts, maybe it's a bakery, maybe it's a retail store, whatever it is, you could say, Okay, what is some business that's similar to what I want to do? And then you could maybe go work for them or say, Hey, kid, I job shadow you. Maybe you could do some research and say, Is this something that my community even needs? Would it be successful, and you can do these small little tasks, that this is going to give you valuable information to know if your idea is even something that holds water. And so I think that's where you got to start. I think we always think too big sometimes. And like, we try to bite off the whole sandwich, when we could just take a bite at a time and learn more about what we're trying to do. And maybe that evolves into something that's completely different.

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Yeah, well, on that note, I mean, one of the businesses that I've been doing for for many years, evolved very much and that sort of way, in our business, med market access, also known as Alma, you know, the business partner, and I went to school together in Japan and started our careers in the medical device business in Japan, and we were, you know, doing some consulting here and there helping companies, we were, you know, full time employees helping companies get into Japan, and, and there came a point in our careers where, you know, we basically just kind of merged our, our efforts and activities, and with virtually no capital, we started that company, and now you know, it, you know, it provides a livelihood for, you know, for a number of people, but that wasn't, let's go and get a huge loan from the bank and quit our job and, you know, get some real estate that was, you know, start a little bit here to get a project there. And, and then gradually, you know, grew into something that now, you know, provides a livelihood for several people. Nice. So I think that's a good example about how you kind of, you know, you learn as you go, you find opportunities, you leverage them. And then if it makes sense, it's kind of like testing the waters, it's proof of concept. And, you know, the further along you get, the more validity that you can see in what you're doing, then you can get the confidence eventually, to maybe quit your job and do a full time, but you don't have to. And I think that's a misnomer. You know, that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you just got to, you know, mortgage yourself to the hilt and put every right all your chips on the table. And that's not really the case and for many entrepreneurs, and

Unknown Speaker 7:57

that's the difference between micro failure in Game Over Yeah. So that's something you have to always be careful with, like we always say failure is not a bad thing. But like Game Over failure. That's a bad you know, you don't want to go there, but micro fail all day long. Yeah, all day long.

Unknown Speaker 8:19

And I think that's one of the advantages of operating in you know, in the in the Midwest, and in the lower cost base here in Nebraska is that failures aren't as catastrophic because your burn rate for the same activities is a fraction of what it is on the coast. And that's an advantage for any kind of business that we do out here. Over the kinds of things I did on the coast.

Unknown Speaker 8:39

One macchiato out there is 10 here.

Unknown Speaker 8:43

Something like that. It's got to remember to lean away from the mic, or it's gonna make Riley's job editing.

Unknown Speaker 8:52

Snip, volume down, snip, volume.

Unknown Speaker 8:56

I'll try to make it for easier.

Unknown Speaker 8:59

It's all good. We're doing good today. So um, yeah, so like, So recap. We've had Luke Mills, the country musician. Yep. Yep. Diva, Tyler, the actress from Atlanta, Georgia. Yep. From Halloween kills, and many other great productions. And then the last one was Randy J. Goodwin. Yep. And actor,

Unknown Speaker 9:23

actor, writer, producer,

Unknown Speaker 9:25

yeah, the call the job and many other TV series is and stuff like that. So also something that we could convey that we were trying to do with this next episode that we didn't actually get scheduled is you know, we've, so far it's all been entertainers or actors, but that's not going to be the mainstay around here. We've got I mean, doctors.

Unknown Speaker 9:51

Yeah, yeah. I mean, come people who've run started and run medical device companies off authors. Yeah. So we're really looking to To show that, you know, you can, you know, you can find ways of getting on with it making a move towards living your dreams, again, without necessarily completely disrupting your life and doing it all in one big action. And I think that's the theme of a lot of these folks, you know, you look at, you know, and a lot of them didn't, you know, they got to where they wanted to go eventually. But there were a lot of steps along the way. I mean, Randy wanted to be an actor from the time he was a little kid, but there was a lot of steps and going to traditional paths for a while until the opportunity to jump, you know, jump in on that. And I think that's going to be a theme with a lot of these folks. And there are some people who are, you know, successful. And they continue to mean to maintain to careers, like Luke is a great example. He has the job that he has the, you know, the business that he and his father built together, that he continues to run, and he continues to be a very successful touring musician, as well.

Unknown Speaker 10:53

And just to plug something else that we started along the way that was not necessarily in the original plan. But as we started doing this, we started something called the movers. And so if you haven't seen on the YouTube channel, yet, we have a separate playlist and video series called The movers. And that is, you know, how it started is we we took a trip to Omaha, and we're just meeting and talking with people. And, you know, they're asking, like, what are you doing? What is this about as we're setting up in public places and filming? And so you start to explain to them, and then they're like, Oh, that's really cool. And this is what I do. And you're like, oh, my gosh, there's another story here. That's, you know, we can't we're doing this podcast now. And we don't have time to like, organize it into a separate podcast. But we could totally do a two to three minute YouTube video. And so we started a separate series called The movers. So we've got two episodes out of that right now, I think. So if you're watching this, go check out the movers on YouTube. And they're also really great and fascinating stories of, you know, people that are already doing this.

Unknown Speaker 12:08

Yeah. And I think you know, that that's interesting, because we can provide a lot more examples of folks that are, that are making a move through the movers. And, you know, I think we're open to suggestions of folks know, movers that, you know, reach out to us and yeah, some folks that are making a move and make,

Unknown Speaker 12:25

I know, I've already got text messages, like, Hey, you should do this.

Unknown Speaker 12:31

I think that's great. And I know, we certainly encourage that, that yeah, that makes, that makes us get everything a little bit easier. And yes, we kind of think about, you know, the, the upcoming episodes obviously want to have some diversity, we want to we want to be able to inspire a diverse group of folks and show examples of how maybe other people are living very similar dreams to what they want to live and kind of help, you know, maybe provide them some inspiration, and maybe a little bit of a roadmap as to how they may be able to make a move and live their dreams, you know, the other thing that I traditionally at the end of every year, set in front of a camera, and provide a year end update for what I do at the Silicon Prairie Center. And as Riley and I were talking is, you know, kind of the the maker move came together, a lot of it was really inspired by the kinds of things that that Riley and I were doing. And so I think this might be a good, you know, good venue instead of me just sitting in front of a camera and, you know, talking about each of the businesses and where they are, I think I'll do a condensed version of that, to kind of give you a flavor of, of what was the inspiration, you know, for, for make a move, and I mentioned, you know, mid market access, or Omma, you know, which advises medical device companies looking to enter international markets, particularly Japan, we covered that one. But what we do a lot here at the Silicon Prairie Center is, you know, we're incubating companies and independent films. And so, and again, this is, you know, every most of these things are things that we're doing kind of in parallel, having the, you know, the parallel kind of career and parallel projects that we talked about, on making move progressive neuro, which we talked about in previous episodes has a huge year, we that patents issued, we've made a lot of progress in testing, you know, we've expanded, you know, our scope beyond just ischemic stroke, we've learned that our devices can be very effective for other indications, and, you know, so that it's been a really great year and our other other company, ATS dot solutions, we built our first our first, you know, kind of functioning proof of concept device and tested it in 2021. So that was pretty exciting. And I think the the big thing is the movie that my Corona that we shot in 2020, where we leveraged kind of the technology competence competencies of the Silicon Prairie Center, to have it be the first believed to be the first feature film directed entirely remotely, right? It's early, early part of the of the pandemic. And we made a documentary of that we finished that in 2021, and started doing the festival thing. And I think we've won more than 10 Best Picture or Best Documentary at various festivals. And the feature film microns has also done extremely well at many festivals, some of which you can see right behind me here in Cannes, and various interesting laws of Los Angeles and very interesting places around the world. So, you know, this stuff is stuff we're all doing in parallel, you know, I haven't quit one project to do another. But obviously, you the amount of time I allocate to each depends on what's going on. And progressive neuros taken, you know, a lot more of my time now at the movie in the Docker done, and it's it's my primary focus, but I still believe in, you know, it's important for us to give back and to leverage our skills and, and, you know, that we build over the years, and I'm still very active in US, Japan, you know, collaborations and diplomacy. And both in the US Japan Council, and, and also yesterday, and medtech frontiers are just a few minutes ago, right before Riley was patiently waiting for me here in the studio, while I was wrapping up a call for our plan for our 2022 events. So with us, Japan, medtech frontiers went a little bit, you know, quieter in 2020, we did some virtual events, but we didn't do any of the big in person events that we traditionally do, cuz we felt like people, Well, that wasn't feasible in Japan yet. And we also kind of felt like we couldn't do too many virtual events, I think people are starting to get burned out on virtual Sinfonia seminars and stuff. So, you know, it's been an exciting year, and I think, you know, hope it's kind of an inspiration to folks that, you know, you don't just have to be, you know, medical device guy, or, you know, or, you know, nonprofit person, or a movie maker or whatever, you can do many of these things, you know, concurrently, you did have to manage your time, and I've always found as entrepreneurs, I think you do, and a lot of your stuff is finding the synergies between the various projects, you know, like, making part of my Corona based on, you know, progressive neuro, and showcasing, you know, some stuff from ATS. And so, you know, just that finding the overlap and tying, you know, tying Japan and everything you know, that I do, you can, you know, you can do things very efficiently. And I hope that's, you know, that's kind of an example of some of the things that, you know, as an entrepreneur that you can do to really, you know, make the most of your life and really, you know, drive that momentum towards living your dreams,

Unknown Speaker 17:37

right. Yeah. And then some to just piggyback on the end there is, you know, it's the other thing is, is, not only can you be multiple functions and different avenues of entrepreneurship, but you have the tools and the capabilities at your fingertips. There is if you want to do it, if you don't want to do it, if you want to just punch in and punch out and then go chill. That's cool. But if you want to do something and say, Oh, but I can't or No, I don't I don't live in the right play. Yeah, I don't have any money. I'm too poor. Absolutely. You can't I won't listen to it. Yeah. Well, I say YouTube University is free. Exactly. There are so many opportunities, and not everybody starts at the same opportunity level. That's true. Yeah. But you know, there are tons of resources that you can tap into. And I just firmly do not believe in I can't. And that's when I say that. I'm saying that to myself as to because just by nature, we do that. Yeah. And you know, I don't want to work till three in the morning sometimes, but I for sure.

Unknown Speaker 18:59

be doing it today to get that.

Unknown Speaker 19:02

Yeah, just so everybody knows, typically we do all this stuff well in advance. Usually done in a week in advance. It is Tuesday at 9:11pm. And this episode will air at 5am Wednesday morning. So I will be drinking the Mountain Dew and, and I got my espresso machine in the other editing editing Kirk's laughs and I'm backing away from the mic. No, we I kid I kid. I love to tease him. So I mean, if we didn't banter back and forth, it would just be interesting. Well, you people wouldn't listen to it. So I mean, that's just how it is. But I'm excited for 2022 Yeah, I think, you know, there's always talks and rumors of this and that and is is the is the pandemic over is the pandemic going, what new, crazy offshoot are we going to have next? And I think my personal advice to that is to shut it off, like, you can't control tomorrow, you just have to accept what you're given, and then make the best you can do with what you're given. So I think that's

Unknown Speaker 20:23

the very nature of being an entrepreneur is their opportunity. Yep, improvising. And those skills, I think, are super critical. So, you know, I think that's one of the things that, you know, through COVID, you've seen as the people that have managed to find a way, despite all the disadvantages, it's throwing us to still keep things going. And I hope that what we do in our podcast provides additional inspiration for people to keep at it and not let it get them down.

Unknown Speaker 20:50

Can we give any? Do we have any hints? So what we could say is coming up in the

Unknown Speaker 20:54

Yeah, well, I think absolutely. So we've got, you know, medical device entrepreneur coming up, who also has, you know, has a full time academic position. We've got somebody in the entertainment industry, who wears, you know, who wears a lot of hats, we've got an author, you know, who has a full time, you know, position at an academic Institute and uses every, you know, he can do in summer holiday and things to knock out novels. And so those are just some, you know, that are immediately coming up. We've got another person from the film industry that's been instrumental in really bringing a lot of people together, across industries. You know, we've got somebody who is really been instrumental in our state, Nebraska, achieving the lowest unemployment rate in the United States history. So we've got some really interesting guests coming up, and you know, really excited to be able to continue to knock these out. You know, we're gonna be powering through the holidays, but we may not be filming, you know, any more episodes until, you know, until right after Christmas, earliest, just due to people's holiday schedules. So,

Unknown Speaker 22:07

but never fear I will keep the Riley and Kurt cartoon. Full Throttle, especially

Unknown Speaker 22:13

during the holidays. I think we you know, we've gotten a lot of great feedback. For those of you who are not familiar with what Rylie is talking about, we've, you know, we've used our likenesses to some software to create some very animated funny, holiday holiday videos, which have really gotten great feedback for us. And I think maybe we'll have to continue that. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:32

You know, I

Unknown Speaker 22:33

think there's probably a lot of things that we can banter about and do an awesome

Unknown Speaker 22:37

yeah, and we'll definitely be able to, you know, there's been plenty of Christmas content. I mean, I'm scared to think what I'm going to dream up for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's. I just for everybody to know, I usually send it to Kurt first and be like, Yay, day. Yes. No.

Unknown Speaker 22:58

Most the time, it's good every night. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:02

Every once in a while I try to sneak one pass the goal.

Unknown Speaker 23:07

Mostly when he's working, you know, when he's working until the middle of the night, and it's, you know, got to go live the next morning. Yeah. And I'm like, I get it.

Unknown Speaker 23:14

Yeah. Right. So, um, we'll see. Is there anything else I wanted to say? Oh, yeah, there was one more question. Do we have any any idea when that documentary is going to come out?

Unknown Speaker 23:26

Oh, yeah. Thanks for that's a great question. So yeah, we're Phil and I are gonna get cracking on implementing we've got a lot of folks Riley included that have kindly you know, watched it and given us feedback. We're trying to get it down closer to the one hour mark and sometime in the next few months. We will be releasing that we're not sure on which platform yet. And another thing that you know, micron I guess I didn't mention it but it's streaming on IMDb TV hit streaming on Amazon Prime Yep. So it's easy to find now to watch and along with make move along with making is also on Amazon. Yeah, you can

Unknown Speaker 24:05

you can go hey Alexa play make a movie.

Unknown Speaker 24:08

I think it probably go watch micron. I've never tried it, but I

Unknown Speaker 24:12

don't know. Well, I mean, how do you can you want you can watch movies on Alexa? I mean, maybe if you have an app on your computer, some?

Unknown Speaker 24:18

This is very perplexing question. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 24:22

When I think of Alexa, I think of a little puck. That's audio. Yeah, I don't know. But they might have like a button on your computer? I don't know. I don't know. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:31

question. That's a good question. And, you know, there's gonna be other big news regarding my Corona coming out probably in the next next few weeks. But yeah, I mean, if you're looking to something watch over the holidays, I'm gonna do a shameless plug here. Do check out my Corona. You can look forward to seeing some folks you recognize in there from from soap operas DC Glenn. Boom, there it is fame on the Geico commercial skip there it is in there and and Christopher Sharman for those of you of kids who've seen too to the jungle to is George and George of the jungle to so you have an interesting cast interesting storyline. Love it if we could get some folks to watch it because yeah, as an indie filmmaker, that's what funds my next indie film.

Unknown Speaker 25:11

Exactly. And I will say to like, being somebody that now lives in Ravenna, it's to like, watch it. It's like very cool to be like, because it doesn't like your different perspective when you live here, because it's, it's filmed here. So you know, when something's here, but then in the movie, it's LA. So when it pans out, and it's like the freeway of LA, you're like, what? You know. And so it's funny, but the reason I asked about the documentary is because like Kirk said, I had the privilege to get to watch it. I highly recommend watching the documentary too, because like, you could you know, if you talk to Kirk and be like, yeah, it's the first you know, movie that's ever been filmed like this. But to actually take time to watch the, our documentary and see everything that like, went into it and all like to put a visual to like what you're saying they're like, then go to watch the movie. It adds just a little bit more to it. In my personal opinion. It's like, I can always watch the movie first. Oh, yeah, for sure. Well, and technically I did. Okay, that's because I saw I went to the screening of it. And then, and then I watched the documentary, but like, and maybe that's why I have that perspective, too. Because like, I watched the movie. And then after watching the documentary, I was like, Wow, that really was cool. You know, like, that was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 26:35

When people see it that way. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for bringing that up. I'd Yeah. Yeah. So not to mention that.

Unknown Speaker 26:42

But yeah, so I hope everybody has a merry Merry Christmas. And Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Last episode, I said, it's getting to be the holiday season, Christmas and Thanksgiving. And it's like it's December ding dong. Talking about Thanksgiving, but you forget that No, I know the the pop up bubbles deceived me. So, but yeah, so everybody have a happy Thanksgiving. I know. Can't use the same joke twice. Happy. Merry Christmas. Happy Merry Christmas, and a happy new year. And we're excited to see in 2022 And stay tuned because we got a lot of cool things coming. Absolutely. Hey Riley here. Thanks for listening to this episode of The maker move podcast. For more content. Check us out on all major social media platforms and make a move Until next time, get off your butt and make

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